Medications for Alcoholism

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In opposition to the tremendous increase of the tendency of the people in the modern times, to get addicted to the alcoholism in the modern times, the urge for giving up the evil practice is also observed.

The positive aspect is that the modern people are getting more and more conscious of the demerits as well as the evil effects of the habit of consuming alcohol. They are with the positive response to the call of the organizations or the anti alcohol groups who raise their voice for the benefits of giving up the intake of alcohol.

The constant development in the field of medications for alcoholism, testify to the fact that men and women in the modern times are willing to give up drinking alcohol. Use of medications for alcoholism is nothing new.

But its wide acceptability to the men and women in general has contributed a lot to the recent developments of the medications for alcoholism.

Some of the medications for alcoholism are Disulfiram, Acamprosate and Naltrexone. These are the three drugs that have been approved to be used with the purpose of helping people to give up the habit of taking alcohol. These medications for alcoholism also help people reduce their psychological dependence on alcoholism.

Naltrexone is used in the Sinclair method in which the urge of the dipsomaniac people for having alcoholic drinks, is reduced. The success rate of this method is absolutely successful in case of the men and women who are truly willing to give up consuming alcohol.

Campral is another very important item of the medications for alcoholism, that has been developed in the very recent times. It has come to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration only in the month of July in the year of 2004. but there are some side effects of this medication for alcoholism.

The list of side effects include nausea, loss of appetite, joint pain or muscle pain, itching sensation, insomnia, headache, having dry mouth, suffering from gas, acidity, dizziness and sweating. The person taking Campral may also suffer from diarrhea. This item is thought to be one of the best and most efficient modern medications for alcoholism. But do not take it without consulting a doctor.

Antabuse is also one of the most efficient medications for alcoholism. It is also known as Disalfiram. When the course of this medication is in process, it is very troublesome for a person to take alcohol. These troubles create a sense of antipathy for alcohols in the mind of the alcohol consumers. This medication is also advised not to take without consulting the doctor.

There are also some other medications for alcoholism. But they are not that much reliable as the mentioned ones are. The medications for alcoholism mentioned are approved by authentic health organizations of the world, and are commonly prescribed by the doctors or the medical experts.